COML 530: Women, Communication, and Leadership

As a woman who has spent 20 years in the tech industry surrounded by men and fighting to be heard, it is easy to forget that not everyone has forged their way through this experience and that there is so much to be considered in gendered communication and leadership. It was good for me to dive back into this gender discussion with my classmates and consider images and stereotypes that can hold women back in attaining and retaining their leadership positions. While I enjoyed creating a project for this class, it did not come to fruition as I had hoped. However, I appreciated the opportunity to profile one of my leadership heroes and have included that as my artifact.

ORGL 518: Transforming Leadership
The guiding questions of this amazing course were: “What is transformation?” and “How can transformation be facilitated in individuals and organizations?” These seemingly simple questions set the path for a great deal of learning and reflection in a short period of time. Through movies, readings, and collaborative discussion, I was able to piece together an autobiography of my own transformation into leadership, as well as do some healing of past hurts from toxic leadership. I enjoyed diving into a study of a transformational leader in my past and a transformational company I’ve worked with. So much so that I have included both as artifacts for this class, as I couldn’t choose between them.