Project Proposal

Leah Farmer
ORGL 620 – Leadership Seminar
Leadership Project Proposal

Background & Project Description

Two of the best gifts I have to offer young leaders lie at the intersection of my love of building great products for customers and my love of storytelling. In this project, I will help young professionals learn how their story can impact their career trajectory and help them to better craft the narrative in order to be understood, to give themselves the best chance at opportunities, and to know when something is not in their best interest. 

In my role as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) at Tourlane, one of my primary responsibilities is strategic storytelling. I am responsible for casting a vision that our teams can rally behind and using narratives and stories to motivate and inspire others towards providing our customers with the best travel experience of their life. I believe teaching our leaders how to tell their own stories in multiple contexts can help them grow their leadership careers and help Tourlane to succeed in its mission. Win-Win! 

Desired Outcomes
  • Participants can tell their own leadership story in both long-form and as an elevator pitch, as well as tie it to their chosen field of practice and the company mission
  • Creation and improvement of curriculum that can be used in a company or group context in the future to enhance the connection between leadership and storytelling

The elements of this curriculum will include:

  • Google Slide presentations to guide each workshop
  • Survey Software for pre, post, and attendees feedback surveys
  • Document: The Elements of Storytelling
  • Document: Questions to Uncover Your Story
  • Document: Tourlane Product Strategy